Flash DOES work on iPhone and iPad!

I cannot stress this enough. It drives me crazy every time I see someone say this as I know that person is uninformed and is not working with these technologies because Flash DOES work on the iPhone and iPad.

You can create apps in Flash. They run very well. You do not need special software to run them. In fact, as a user you would never know your app was developed in Flash because you would get it in the app store. You probably even have iPhone or iPad apps on your device that were developed in Flash.

So where did this rumor come from? Flash does not work on the mobile browser. So people assume since it doesnt work on the browser it doesnt work on the device but that is very wrong.

Why would you develop an app in Flash instead of Xcode? Because that app can also run on Android. That means you develop one app that runs on both operating systems.

Want to build apps for iPhone and iPad? Start with Xcode

Once your purchase the license to develop for Apple ($99) you are ready to download Xcode, which is the program used to develop you Apple apps. Xcode is a development tool created by Apple. With Xcode you can create your app, test it with an emulator, and publish it to the iTunes app store (after extensive apple review of course).

How difficult is Xcode? If you are new to programming, its going to be very difficult. Xcode allows you to use C/C++ to program your app. In addition to knowing the language you need to understand Xcode interface as well as design for iPhone/iPhone, so it can get complicated very quickly. For the experience object oriented programmer, Xcode should not be too difficult to pick up. Overall, this software is not made for designers, rather experienced programmers.

Apple sells 2x as many iPads as iMacs to schools – Is this a good thing?

Article: http://mashable.com/2012/07/24/apple-ipad-education-sales/

While I think it is great that schools are adopting new technology I have to wonder, did schools jump the gun here? I know that some schools are definitely using the iPad for some really cool things and I love to see innovation. However, I wonder, and this really only applies to schools who bought iPads to replace computers, do all of these schools have enough computers for each student already? I ask because you can purchase a PC for the same price as the iPad (there is no educational discount on iPads so they are $500 for schools). If a school does not have a computer for each student, I would question their purchase of iPads for each student (if that is what they did because just purchasing some iPads is not what I am talking about here in this post). Computers are significantly more powerful than iPads and can do much more. I only recommend that my students by a computer first and if they have more money, then get the iPad. Do not just get the iPad and expect it to replace their laptop. So while I like mobile/tablet technology and think it does have a place in education, I would question anyone who is using that technology to replace computers because it does not and I do know that some schools are replacing computers with iPads which I believe is not a good way to use this technology.

Facebook releases Instagram clone for iPhone and iPad

Well this is kinda surprising. They just bought instagram and then release their own clone which they obviously have been working on for a while. The app is only available via iTunes so it is not available for Android yet, although I assume it will be very soon. But the question is, why did Facebook buy Instagram for 1 Billion if they were just going to release their own version anyway? Was it a copyright issue? I would doubt it considering there are 20 other Instagram clones in the market.

Anyway, here is a link to the app: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/facebook-camera/id525898024?ls=1&mt=8

How to view Flash on your iPad and iPhone

Have you wanted to view Flash on an iPhone or iPad? Well now it is possible (well it always has been with a few workarounds). Apps are coming out that display Flash content, so rest assured, Flash does work on these devices.

One such app, iSwifter, is a browser that displays Flash content. You can try the browser for free for 10 days and it costs 4.99 to purchase. I tested it out and it works pretty well. I tested video, motion, sound, and interactions in flash and they all worked. I think anyone interested in viewing Flash on the iPad/iPhone should definitely invest in this app. It’s cheap, and it works.

You can download iSwifter from iTunes here

iPad 3 vs iPad 1 vs Kindle Fire

Now that I have all three devices and have time to play with all of them, here are my reviews…well more or less a comparison

First lets do iPad 3 vs Kindle Fire

Cost – Kindle is $200 vs iPad which starts at $499

Functionality of Hardware – iPad takes the cake here. I can do a lot more with the iPad. For instance hardware wise it has a camera and microphone. It can also have 4G data if you have that version.

Functionality of Software – On the software side you have Apple’s app store (tons of apps) vs the amazon app store which is a limited version of Android market. I still believe Kindle isnt too far behind here for a majority of users but the apple store is better. Once Kindle gets the full Android store then I will say they are nearly the same.

Size – Kindle is much smaller than iPad. I thought I would like the size but soon realized its really not much bigger than my galaxy nexus phone. I would not want to watch a movie on this…although I would on a plane, etc. The iPad screen just feels much better due to its size but again, I wouldnt really want to watch a movie on this either. I just personally prefer the bigger size. If I were you, I would put both in your hands and see what you think.

Interface – Both have a good interface. I have no problems with either. I like both for different reasons and think both can be improved.

Web – Both connect to the web just fine. Kindle displays Flash which is awesome and iPad doesnt. This is great for me as many surf reports are in flash. However, a drawback with the Kindle is that the Facebook app actually connects to its web page so its not really an app. And one weird thing about the Kindle is that there is no email app? No idea why, its not that big of a deal but its weird that its not there. Instead I have to go through the web browser to access email. iPad has the mail app and has a facebook app.

Integration – iPad integrates well with Apple stuff and Kindle integrates well with Amazon stuff. If you are a user of one or the other that could help you make a choice between one.

Overall – both devices are pretty good and fun to use. If you have a cell phone and laptop but want a tablet to take to meetings, connect to the internet, view email, and facebook, either one should satisfy your needs just fine. I personally think the big things to consider here will be price and size because the other things are minor in my opinion. For business needs, iPad is probably better, for surfing the web, email, and facebook I would probably just get the Kindle because of the price but thats just because I am cheap and have a laptop/phone – the tablet is just a luxury to me. Again, it really depends on your needs and financial situation. Both do pretty much everything the other does and each has something that is better or worse than the other.

Now iPad 1 vs iPad 3.

If you have iPad 1, I would NOT recommend getting iPad 3 unless….You want

4G data – just so you know its $30 a month
Camera/Microphone – honestly are you really going to take pics with your iPad?

Besides those features, the rest are really minor and not worth an upgrade in my opinion. The new iPad has a much better screen resolution and this might matter to tablet gamers (is there a such thing?) and people who watch a lot of movies on their iPad and really need that HD. It is also slightly faster but I really couldnt tell much of a difference. Otherwise its the same interface, apps, functionality, size (for the most part – I cant tell a difference), etc.

Overall – if you have iPad 1 I would not upgrade unless you care about the 4G and Camera/Mic. while its a big upgrade for us techies it is NOT an upgrade for most iPad users.

Future of computing…

I think this image says it all. That is an iPad. Simply stick it into the dock and it becomes a laptop then take it out as needed. This will replace laptops once these devices become more powerful. Currently they are not nearly as good but in a few years they will be.

iPad 3 Thoughts and Rumors that didn’t pan out

Thoughts on the device:

Can be a significant upgrade for folks or it might just be minor. I believe the only major upgrade here is 4G. The faster speeds are well worth the upgrade. However, many of the other features are not going to be noticed by the average user. They dont really care if the machine is quad core or can display graphics at 1080p. In fact, I think the iPad 2’s graphics for movies are pretty good. Overall, I see this as an OK upgrade for the iPad. Some users will benefit and others with iPad 2 will not really need to upgrade. I personally am upgrading from iPad 1 to iPad 3. I will not be getting the 4G iPad though. $30 for 2GB of memory from verizon? Thats a rip off. $30 for unlimited data would be a much better selling point. The funny thing is that I probably would not use 2GB, its just the idea that I need to monitor my data use that holds me back.

So with the release of the iPad 3, there were several rumors that didn’t pan out.

Siri support – Cannot figure out why SIRI is not included on this iPad. Can anyone explain? They have voice support with no SIRI. Is Apple dropping SIRI? This just kind of boggles my mind. I think this would have been a big selling point for this iPad.

IO6 – Ok, I didnt really expect this. This will be released with iPhone 5 in the summer/fall 12. I am also sure this new iPad will easily handle the upgrade with its quad core. This could also possibly give this iPad SIRI maybe? Who knows.

Kindle Fire competitor – I really thought Apple was going to compete with the Fire and create a 7 inch device. However, I think keeping the iPad 2 at a discounted price and keeping it in store could create a competitor but I doubt iPad 2 is still in production.

Camera – While they did upgrade the camera to the same camera in iPhone 4S, they dropped the MP to 5? Not sure why the iPad doesnt have an 8 MP camera but I did think this was kind of weird. Do I care? No, I will probably never use my iPad for a picture, but more MP is always better.

Apple iPad 3 event: The latest

Updates from Apple Event:

Features of new iPad:

Available March 16th. Pre orders start today
$499 for 16 GB – 4G it’s $629
10 hrs of battery life – 9 on 4G
Can act as hotspot – up to phone service
4G LTE – Verizon and ATT
Voice dictation but no SIRI
HD 1080p video recording
iSight camera – 5mp
Quad core processor
Improved retina/resolution – 2048 x 1536 pixels – better than 1080p HD

1:22: new ipad announced

1:10: 1080p movies now available on iTunes – its a new Apple TV that supports 1080p – $99 – can be ordered now

12:55: People are reporting tablets up on the podium

12:50: Event starts in 10 mins

With the Apple event tomorrow (1pm EST), I am going to post the current latest rumors. I will update this post tomorrow as the event unfolds. Current rumors from today:

iPad 3 may be called iPad HD

iPad 3 may be in stores this weekend

iPad 3 may be going on sale March 16th

Current rumors about the iPad that are floating around the net:

Quad core
Slightly bigger than iPad 2
Siri support
Better camera
1080 Screen
May cost more than iPad 2
May have several versions, one to compete with Kindle at 7 inches

Watch the iPad 3 event live Wednesday March 7th @ 1pm EST

The event is scheduled for March 7th (Wed) in San Fransisco 10am PST or 1pm EST. Here are several places to watch the event live:




Read about it from the following blogs who will be posting live: