HTML5 for game development

Here is a great article that discusses all of the technologies that we tend to lump together when we discuss HTML5 and how they can be applied to game development. I think anyone interested in HTML5 should definitely read this article to get a better understanding of what we really mean when we say HTML5. If you plan to use HTML5 in your work, compare it to Flash, tout it as the next big thing, etc – You need to really understand each of the technologies discussed in this article otherwise you might be making uniformed decisions (my rant because of all the misinformation i hear on HTML5) The technologies discussed include:

Native Client

Here is a link to the article

Creating a 3 column CSS page with rollover links

These two files are examples of creating a 3 column CSS page. Please open these up in dreamweaver to see the code and how they function. Anyone can use these to begin creating their website and learn to get rid of tables. Remember that tables are only to be used for displaying graphical data, not for website design. div tags in CSS are to be used for website design.

HTML Page using CSS

CSS Page