Awesome photoshop filter pack: Alien Skin’s Eye Candy

For those of you who use photoshop professionally I would recommend the following filter pack. Eye Candy is probably one of (if not) the best out there. It really does some amazing things as shown in the video. The only downfall is that it costs $199. That’a a steep price tag in my opinion for an add-on, that’s why I only recommend it for people making money doing editing, otherwise it’s just not worth it for the casual photoshop guru.

Link to site

Pixlr O Matic: Add instagram like effects to photos from your computer

Pixlr is a free photo editing website that I have been using for years to edit photos as its very similar to photoshop. I have been showing it to my classes and really like the tool. Now they have a program called Pixlr O Matic which allows you to create instagram like effects to photos from your home computer. They also have created an android and ios app that is very similar to instagram, better in my opinion. Here is a link to their website:

Here is a video that demonstrates this tool: