Ray Pastore #15 – Interview with Marc Prensky

Marc Prensky is an award-winning, internationally-acclaimed keynote speaker, author, (8 books) writer (over 100 articles and essays), and “practical visionary”. He is the founder and Executive Director of The Global Future Education Foundation and the creator of the TWO BILLION KIDS PROJECT.

Marc is best known for coining the terms “Digital Native” and “Digital Immigrant” (both now in the Oxford English Dictionary.)

Ray Pastore #14 – Interview with the UNCW Esports Club Officers – Year 1 Lessons Learned

Learn how a few students and a professor with a passion for #gaming started an esports club, which led to tournaments, teams, and a curriculum all within a year! This panel consists of three UNCW club officers and founding members of the UNCW Seahawk Esports Club. We discuss the first year, how we got started, what worked, what didn’t work, where we are today, and future goals!