Computer Adware, Viruses, Malware, and Security

Have problems with any of these? Here is a list of steps and freeware you should use to fix and protect your machine. Please note this is for PC only and all software is free:

1. Run rKill – This will stop all of the bad stuff from running so that you can run other software to delete it.

2. Run Malwarebytes and Ad-Aware

3. Run Combofix

4. Run Antivirus and keep it installed/running – ClamAv

5. Install security and keep it installed/running – Zonealarm

Once you have scanned your computer with the first 4 it should be clear. I would then recommend step 5 and keep it running on default settings. Also keep ClamAV running. The others should be run and used as there are problems on your machine.


Next Gen Tablets and Laptops – hybrids

I think we all know this is coming especially with companies starting to already show the technology. And this will be awesome for those of us that do not want to buy both because now we would just need one. Here is an article saying that Apple should create one although I doubt Apple will be even looking into this. My guess is that Apple will be the last company to do this:

hybrid laptop and tablet

MS Word opens to default document. How do I change it?

I just had a student asking me how to solve this problem. So to solve this problem (I found this answer in yahoo but it took a while to search so thats why I am posting it here):

1. Close Word.
2. Open Word.
3.  Click the File tab on the Ribbon.
4. Click Open.
5. Select Templates in the Favorite Links pane.
6. Select Normal.dotm or Normal.dotx. (This may be just “Normal” also.) This should become your open document.
7. Now delete all the text in the document, including text in any headers and footers. Pressing CTRL/A followed by the Delete key is the fastest way to do this.
8. Save the file with CTRL/S. You may get a warning message about the Global template having been changed. This is OK. Click Yes.
9. Close Word.

Microsoft Office for Mac price increased 17%

Seems like a lot to me considering that microsoft is now competing with free software like Google Docs and Open Office. On the mobile front MS is competing with just plain apps from several companies. Article

Now for my students – please remember you get a huge discount at your school on MS products like office (among other software). So before you graduate, go to the bookstore and buy your $20 copy of Office because once you leave the price goes up a few hundred dollars:)

Free Anti-Virus Software: ClamWin

For those people who buy anti-virus software or those that need it, there are free opensource options out there that are very good solutions. My favorite is ClamWin. This is a free opensource anti-virus software that functions just as well as Norton or any other anti virus software out there.


Best PC Firewall (and it’s free)

I have been using Zone Alarm for years to protect my PC. It is an awesome firewall that protects you from everything trying to access the computer and from everything on your computer trying to access the internet without your permission. If you have a PC, this is the firewall I would use over all others, and there is a free version:


Zonealarm Downloads

What kind of computer should I buy?

Updated 8/2018

I get asked this question quite often, so here is the response I give to people…

Who I tell to buy a Mac

– You and your family will use this computer. Macs tend to have less problems and viruses. Any Mac can easily last you several years without any issues.
– You are asking this question. If you do not know enough about computers and you are asking me for advice I tell you to buy a Mac because they are significantly more user friendly and designed for the average computer user.
– In general if you fall into the 95% (made up stat) that uses the computer for email, social media, internet browsing, and work (Assuming you are not using proprietary software), I also tell you to buy the Mac.
– If you have money to buy a good machine – like at least $1500 – get the Mac.
– Quick start up time – computer takes about 10 secs to boot up (so does a good PC)
– Closed system – Apple closes their system making it harder for you to install malicious software and mess with the registry
– Very compatible with iPhone/iPad/Apple TV – however the PC is pretty compatible too
– No need for anti virus software – but this may change in the future as Macs are not virus proof, people just tend to only develop them for PCs
– You can install Windows on the Mac if you would like and have two operating systems
– You want a solid computer that will easily last 3-4 years. I know Mac users that still have a quality computer after 5-6 years and its still not outdated by much.

Who I tell to buy a PC

– All the tech people. PCs are meant for the tech person who can customize it. This is what I love about PCs. This is also the BIG problem for most home users, they are allowed to break the machine and they do it, which is why it takes 15 minutes to boot up after a year of use and they cannot figure out why. On the Mac, you are limited so you cannot break it. This is both an advantage and disadvantage for each machine, Mac and PC, depending on who you are.
– People who need certain software that might only work on the PC. However, most software, like Word, PPT, and such all work on both the Mac and PC.
– People who only have $500 to spend on a computer. Unfortunately Macs cost more because there is no such thing as a low end Mac. There are low end PC however. You do get what you pay for though so dont expect that low end PC to last very long. Most tech people will buy a custom built PC that costs at least $1000-$2000 dollars. My PC was $4500.
– Gamer – certain games may take longer to get to Mac, such as SWTOR and GW2. WoW is on Mac.
– You want to customize – this includes the computer such as the registry or the hardware. Its nearly impossible for the average user to upgrade a Mac once they have it.
– You want to take the battery out of the laptop. Yep, you cannot do that on Macs.

And thats it. Where do you fit?