Edit comments in Facebook

Finally facebook allows you to edit your comments. This is good as so many times I have deleted my comment and had to rewrite the whole thing because of a spelling mistake:( Well now you can edit your comments. To edit, simply click the little pencil icon on the top right corner of the comment and click edit. Simple as that!

Facebook Launches App Store: Major Privacy Concern!!!!!

Well facebook has launched their app store for Android and Apple iOS users. So you can now download apps via their store but there is one issue: Facebook automatically tells me what apps my friends have and recommends apps to me based on their apps. Do they want me to know which apps they have? It tells me specifically who has what app. In my opinion this is kinda like someone looking at my browsing history because it actually is telling me what sites my friends used. For instance, it is telling me who has used match.com. I do not like this and I do NOT know how to stop it. Here is how to manage which apps can interact with facebook but this still doesnt solve the problem (actually it might, I just do not know for sure). If anyone knows how to prevent please let me know.

1. Log in to facebook
2. Go to privacy settings (top right corner for those on a PC)
3. Click ‘edit settings’ on the ads, apps, and websites section
4. On the apps you use section, click edit settings then edit the settings for each app

Facebook please make this easier to change.

Link to facebook app store: http://www.facebook.com/appcenter

Facebook releases Instagram clone for iPhone and iPad

Well this is kinda surprising. They just bought instagram and then release their own clone which they obviously have been working on for a while. The app is only available via iTunes so it is not available for Android yet, although I assume it will be very soon. But the question is, why did Facebook buy Instagram for 1 Billion if they were just going to release their own version anyway? Was it a copyright issue? I would doubt it considering there are 20 other Instagram clones in the market.

Anyway, here is a link to the app: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/facebook-camera/id525898024?ls=1&mt=8

Facebook IPO

Will you be buying? I will not be – not because I do not have the money (Although I do not because I am a college professor which means I cannot even afford to live). The reason I would not buy at least in the long term, for those looking for investments, is that this company can go down and fail overnight. If you do not believe me, look at myspace or any of the IPOs in the early 2000s during the tech boom. On the other hand as a short term investment for the person who watches the market and pay attention to what is happening in the tech world, this is probably a decent investment as it will go up right away just as google did. The key here is watching and knowing when to get rid of it. The best part of everything was watching and learning how big financial firms operate in the market and do things. SoFi is such a big player and any advice they have for you is something id recommend.

An article about the ipo: http://money.cnn.com/2012/05/17/technology/facebook-ipo-final-price/index.htm

Watch the IPO (FB) on NASDAQ: https://www.google.com/finance?client=ob&q=NASDAQ:FB

NYC passes social media law for K-12 Educators

I cannot say this is a bad law. While I wish it wasnt needed, unfortunately there are just so many problems that something like this needs to be in place. In fact, this probably just makes it easier for the teacher to say ‘no’ when their students ask because many students do ask their teachers to be facebook friends and it puts the teacher in an uncomfortable situation. Here is what the law says:

“NYC DOE Teachers cannot use social media accounts unaffiliated to the school on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Flickr to contact students regardless of the nature of the message.”

Source: http://mashable.com/2012/05/02/social-media-student-teacher-contact/

Now the good thing to point out here: These services can still be used as long as its for educational purposes. So the schools are not banning the tools. If they were, I would have a major problem with this. They are simply banning personal connections, which I believe is fine. I warn all of my K-12 pre-service to teachers to say ‘No’ to any student that requests them on facebook. Not that I think its bad in all cases but that it just avoids a potential future problem.

Here is a video on the topic:

Facebook launches ‘Groups for Schools’ for Educators and Students

Facebook launches a new tool for Educators. It requires a ‘.edu’ email address and allows schools to create groups. Within these groups the schools can send emails, upload files, create calendars, post messages, etc. – pretty much everything you can do on Facebook but it’s private for your school. I would love to hear from a school that ends up using this as I am sure many are very apprehensive considering Facebook is ‘Taboo’ in most schools and universities.

Here is a link: https://www.facebook.com/about/groups/schools

Another article with more information at Mashable

Maryland becomes first state to ban employers from asking for your facebook password

This is an issue I have written about now several times. I have given advice about what to do when asked here. Well finally we are seeing what is going to happen – Maryland has now become the first state banning employers from asking people for their social media passwords. While it still is not banned in 49 states, I would guess it will be by a majority of states within the next year assuming it remains an issue.

Here is a link to the maryland story

Facebook buys Instagram for 1 Billion

So I am sure most of you have heard this news by now.

About Instagram – Instagram has 31 million users and only 13 employees. They offer a free app for iPhone/iPad and just last week (maybe 2 weeks ago) offered an Android version that is still a little unstable.

Was this company worth 1 billion? There are many other apps that do the exact same thing. Couldnt facebook just create their own app and compete? I guess not. I guess the 31 million customers was key.

I wish the Instagram founders much luck in their future endeavors – have fun spending your money and if you want to, you can give me some:)

What do you do when your employer asks for your facebook password?

This is a ‘hot topic’ right now in the tech world. Companies, schools, and government agencies are apparently asking their employees or interviewees for access to their facebook profiles. Now I am sure this is not too common as I have yet to hear of a real case of it, but from all the news surrounding the issue, it is happening. So what do you do if asked? What are ways to get around this?

1. Dont have a facebook profile. Easy enough but realistically all of us do.

2. Please please please make your profile private.

3. When your employer asks you for your facebook profile, here is what I am recommending everyone do:

Show them your profile as it appears to the public. Explain that this is what the public sees. Explain that the contents are for family and friends only and you feel that showing the rest is too personal (if you need to explain this much), which is why its private in the first place. Also, you can point them to your personal webpage or LinkedIn page and explain these are the networks you use for your professional connections.

Now obviously what you do is up to you but if they can get your passwords what is next? Looking in your house? Going through your closet?

Here is my previous post on the social network bill of rights

Here is an article from mashable that explains some other options

What do hashtags # and other symbols on twitter and facebook mean?

What is twitterspeak? Well it’s how we communicate on twitter and other social media sites of course:)

The hashtag (#) is simply a way to search. This was designed for twitter and is used as a way to search. So if I were discussing mobile learning in a post I could say #mobilelearning and then anyone searching twitter for mobile learning posts could more easily find mine. Now people are using this on facebook, however, facebook does not currently use these to search but that could be changed in the future.

Another symbol used on twitter is the @ symbol. This is used to refer to someone. So if someone were speaking about me, their post might include @raypastore which would then link to my profile. Again this is being used on facebook but does not actually link to the referenced person.

I hope this helps clear up two of the most common ‘symbols’ used on facebook and twitter and help people understand what they mean and how they are used.