Best size HDTV or monitor for multiplayer gaming?

Well most of us think: Bigger=better. However, this is simply not true for a lot of games – specifically first person shooters (FPS) such as halo and call of duty where the multiplayer is king. This can be seen during the major league gaming (MLG) tournaments where the players use 22 inch tvs, not huge 60 inch ones. So why are smaller tvs better for gaming? Its simple, on a 50-60 inch tv you cannot monitor and look around the whole screen as quickly as you can on a smaller tv. Thus the gaming pros at mlg are using 22 inch tvs to play their games. So it appears that the industry standard is 22 inches. I currently use a 32 inch but sit about 6 feet away from the screen. Remember that mlg players sit close to the screen/monitor. So if your looking for that new gaming tv, remember bigger doesnt = better, especially if you like the multiplayer games where you need to be able to see the whole screen and move around quickly. Visit headphonage for reviews of the best gaming headphones available in the market.

And if you dont believe me: Try to play halo/call of duty on a 60 inch, then move to a 22 inch to see the difference for yourself. Ive done it and its a big difference.