One of the best Android Apps: Airdroid

This is an app I have written about before and one that I use quite often. I just saw this write up on airdroid and thought I would post it. For those who are unfamiliar with this app here is what it does:

The app connects your PC/Mac to your phone. So in one click, you can transfer photos, music, files, or anything from your computer to your phone and vice versa. Its a very useful and cool app. And its FREE! Anyway, here is the write up:

Here is a link to the app in the Google Play store: Airdroid

How is Google Chrome doing on iOS?

It has 1.5% of the market share. The thing is, its only been available for a few weeks and its already grown that much. Will Safari stay king on iOS though? My guess is yes. Most people will not download another browser when safari comes with the iPhone/iPad. I do not even download browsers either and just use the default on my Android device although maybe I should change.


Google’s new android OS Jellybean being released into the wild

I am excited as my galaxy nexus will be one of the first phones updated. Here is the latest on the rollout:

“Google announced Tuesday that its Jelly Bean rollout has begun, and Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ devices are the first to upgrade. Owners of that device, which runs on AT&T and T-Mobile, can expect to receive update alerts over the next several days, according to a Google+ post announcing the Android 4.1 push. Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, Motorola Xoom and Nexus 7 owners will be up next, Google says” – Source

Galaxy Nexus News

Two major things happened today:

Judge denies Samsung’s request to lift ban on GNex

Galaxy Nexus pulled from Google Play Store

What does this mean? The Gnex might not be for sale at carriers soon and my phone might be worth a lot of money. Apple really needs to stop with the patents. Already there is a call in the tech industry to boycott Apple. For instance here is the boycott apple facebook page: and here is the boycott on Google+

Android you are confusing me and everyone else….

Why, why, why do none of your phones have your latest operating systems? While its awesome that you keep upgrading your OS and just released Jellybean yesterday, its kind of pointless since no one will ever get it until its 1-2 years old. I mean look at the current distribution:


Currently less than 7% of the Android user base has ICS 4.0, their operating system released in December. So 6 months later and only 7% of users have it? And now you are releasing another version? Wow and you released the SDK? Can I develop for the new operating system that no one will have for a year? I am still developing for Android 2.2 because most of your users have 2.2 and 2.3. Get it together Android.


Google Developer Conference Updates

Here are the major updates from the conference:

Nexus tablet will be released mid july. It is 7 inches and will cost $199. Seems like a big iPad/Kindle competitor imo. You can read about the exact specs here

Also, Android 4.1 Jellybean will be released mid july. It will be released on Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, and Xoom. You can read about the features here but honestly they are just minor updates. I believe that is why we are only going from 4.0.4 to 4.1 rather than to 5.0 at this point.

Google Developer Conference starts today – Keynote – 1230pm EST

Here are the rumors from the conference as noted by mashable and floating across the web. I will be posting updates today as the conference unfolds:

My favorite: Jellybean – Android’s newest operating system. I do think its kind of early considering like only 5% of Android users even have ICS. Rumors are the it will be version 4.1 or 5.0

Google Maps – we will see their response to apple dropping them
Nexus tablet – everyone knows this is coming. We just saw a picture of it with Android 4.1 earlier this week.

Those are the big ones. Of course there will be updates to Google+ and some other google products like its new Drive.

Google ‘Next Dimension’ event today at 12:30pm EST

Google will reveal their new version of maps with possibly new features. Remember that the rumor is that Apple is dropping Google Maps for their own version at WWDC on June 11th ( It is well known that Apple has be purchasing GPS/Maps companies over the last few years to eventually break away from Google Maps. For those who do not know, Google Maps on Apple devices is not the full version, it does not have text to voice directions and act as a true GPS whereas on Android devices it does and it is free. So it is no surprise that Apple wants their own version.

So I guess we will find out in a few hours what Google has up their sleeve:

Android ICS 4.04 and Samsung S3

Just two things I wanted to post concerning Android. Well I finally was updated to Android 4.04 today from 4.02. I cannot believe my phone is one of the only phones with ICS on it. According to Google, only around 7% of their users have ICS:

To see what each version of Android includes, check out this link:


Additionally, latest rumors suggest that the S3 is definitely coming to all American carriers this month. Pre order for ATT and Verizon is June 6th.