What is opensource?

What is opensource software?

Opensource software is FREE software. It is free software that not only can you install and own, but you can modify it because the developers make the source code available. This means that anyone can change any part of the software they do not like. So for instance take your web browser. Lets say that you wish your web browser would keep track of how much time you spent online. If it was an opensource web browser, you could develop a program, called a mod or app, that kept track of your time online. You could then submit that app to the opensource company so that they could offer it for free to other people who might like to use it. Opensource is awesome and is a great business model. But how do opensource companies make money? Service. Thats how. What are some examples of opensource software packages: open office (replaces word/powerpoint), firefox (web browser), and gimp (replaces photoshop). I encourage you to check them out.

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