iPhone 4 Released

Well apple announced the iphone 4. It includes some very cool video features such as

video conferencing

a 5mp camera with 5x digital zoom (boo – we want optical zoom)

imovie app

netflix app

And All of these cool features come just in time for att wireless’s new pay as you go data plan. Yes thats right, everyone who buys the iPhone 4 will have to pay $15 for 200mb of data use, $24 for 2gb, and $10 for each gigabyte. So how easy is it to go over? Well considering one movie might be 500mb-1gb, 2-3 movies could put you right over your limit. Good job ATT – you have proven that your network is terrible. People who currently have their unlimited plans can keep them for now, but when their contract is up, they will be on the new plan. I honestly cant see anyone joining att now that data is not unlimited.

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