Is Facebook posting your private messages?

It seems like this is a hot issue right now. Is facebook posting your private messages on your timeline? On one end of the issue are many users who claim that their private messages are being posted. On the other end is facebook who is saying no, they are not being posted. My thoughts?

– If it was on facebooks end, I am sure they are or have fixed it.

– If its on the users end, its because they cannot remember what they wrote because these are old posts from years ago. I checked mine and thought they were probably not private messages but I was not 100% sure. But I cannot remember messages I sent 3 years ago.

– From a technical standpoint, all of this information is probably stored on different tables or even different databases so the programmers of facebook would have had to purposely put the information in your timeline and if they are denying it, then more than likely they did not do it.

– My suggestion for facebook: Get better privacy and this would not be an issue. Make everything private by default and let users make things public if they choose. Why this company has a problem with privacy is beyond me. It is one of their biggest downfalls. I have friends who have stopped using it due to privacy concerns.

Here are some news stories about the issue:

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