ESA Gaming Facts: 2013

ESA has released their 2013 report on gaming. Here are some of the highlights (full article here):

58% of americans are gamers
Average age: 30 years old
45% of gamers are female
Most games are purchased by 35 year olds
62% play online (with others)
77% play at least 1 hour per week (with others)
79% of parents set time limits on their child’s gaming
89% of parents are with their children when they purchase games
93% of parents check the content of their kids games
52% of parents say games have a positive influence on their childs life
Top selling games of 2012 for the console: Call of duty, Madden football, Halo
Top selling game of 2012 for the PC: Diablo, Guild wars, World of warcraft
20.77 billion spent on games in 2012

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