Apple iPad 3 event: The latest

Updates from Apple Event:

Features of new iPad:

Available March 16th. Pre orders start today
$499 for 16 GB – 4G it’s $629
10 hrs of battery life – 9 on 4G
Can act as hotspot – up to phone service
4G LTE – Verizon and ATT
Voice dictation but no SIRI
HD 1080p video recording
iSight camera – 5mp
Quad core processor
Improved retina/resolution – 2048 x 1536 pixels – better than 1080p HD

1:22: new ipad announced

1:10: 1080p movies now available on iTunes – its a new Apple TV that supports 1080p – $99 – can be ordered now

12:55: People are reporting tablets up on the podium

12:50: Event starts in 10 mins

With the Apple event tomorrow (1pm EST), I am going to post the current latest rumors. I will update this post tomorrow as the event unfolds. Current rumors from today:

iPad 3 may be called iPad HD

iPad 3 may be in stores this weekend

iPad 3 may be going on sale March 16th

Current rumors about the iPad that are floating around the net:

Quad core
Slightly bigger than iPad 2
Siri support
Better camera
1080 Screen
May cost more than iPad 2
May have several versions, one to compete with Kindle at 7 inches

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