iPad 3 Thoughts and Rumors that didn’t pan out

Thoughts on the device:

Can be a significant upgrade for folks or it might just be minor. I believe the only major upgrade here is 4G. The faster speeds are well worth the upgrade. However, many of the other features are not going to be noticed by the average user. They dont really care if the machine is quad core or can display graphics at 1080p. In fact, I think the iPad 2’s graphics for movies are pretty good. Overall, I see this as an OK upgrade for the iPad. Some users will benefit and others with iPad 2 will not really need to upgrade. I personally am upgrading from iPad 1 to iPad 3. I will not be getting the 4G iPad though. $30 for 2GB of memory from verizon? Thats a rip off. $30 for unlimited data would be a much better selling point. The funny thing is that I probably would not use 2GB, its just the idea that I need to monitor my data use that holds me back.

So with the release of the iPad 3, there were several rumors that didn’t pan out.

Siri support – Cannot figure out why SIRI is not included on this iPad. Can anyone explain? They have voice support with no SIRI. Is Apple dropping SIRI? This just kind of boggles my mind. I think this would have been a big selling point for this iPad.

IO6 – Ok, I didnt really expect this. This will be released with iPhone 5 in the summer/fall 12. I am also sure this new iPad will easily handle the upgrade with its quad core. This could also possibly give this iPad SIRI maybe? Who knows.

Kindle Fire competitor – I really thought Apple was going to compete with the Fire and create a 7 inch device. However, I think keeping the iPad 2 at a discounted price and keeping it in store could create a competitor but I doubt iPad 2 is still in production.

Camera – While they did upgrade the camera to the same camera in iPhone 4S, they dropped the MP to 5? Not sure why the iPad doesnt have an 8 MP camera but I did think this was kind of weird. Do I care? No, I will probably never use my iPad for a picture, but more MP is always better.

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