My thoughts on xbox one

After speaking with two different game designers this weekend as well as reading more information, my thoughts on xbox one have changed dramatically. Here are my most recent thoughts and sure these can change in the coming months are we get more information:

1. Multimedia – If I am spending a few hundred on one of these things (consoles) I expect it to do more than play games. I am excited for the multimedia features of the xbox one. I felt like sony dropped the ball here and should be doing more. MS is really going to shine in this area.

2. xbox live – what can i say, its always been better then PSN. Now that PSN will be the same price I dont see how anyone can justify it considering it was down for 3+ weeks last year.  Im sure sony has fixed those problems though but I do not think anyone can argue psn is better. xbox is now getting 300,000 servers, which is amazing.

3. Always online – I only play online. Who doesnt play games online? I have for many years now…maybe since 2007. I pretty much have awesome internet everywhere I go so its not a complaint. I am surprised people are not mad that these systems require always electricity:) All of my PC games, like WOW, are always online too. Plus many sony games will require online access as well. I cant really figure out this one. I do not see people complaining that WoW is only online.

4. Installing games. Just like every PC game I have to install. This is actually awesome. I can now go to a friends and just sign in to play my game. No need to use disks anymore – welcome to 2013 MS. The cloud is the way to go. This is a major selling point for me. I felt like sony actually went backwards here. their cloud is very limited and wont be available until some point in 2014. I do want to see more details on both systems cloud.

5. used games – yea i dont buy them. gamestop is causing an increase in prices. stop supporting them. they are hurting all game publishers, especially the smaller ones. suppport game developers not gamestop. Also if MS’s new system works to help prevent privacy, there is a change the game prices could go down for digital versions.

6. Kinect – I dont really care much for kinect but after thinking about, its kinda nice. it would be fun to mess around with. and no its not always on or recording you, you can set it to do what you want. it will also be kinda cool to skype with people like my family on tv vs my ipad.

7. Games – Well I think the exclusives are better for MS. I am a huge halo fan so thats always a sell for me. Titanfall looks interesting and will be available on PC too. All the other games I want seem to be on both systems although I imagine MS’s cloud will be really cool for Destiny.

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