Xbox One Strategy: What MS needs to do right now

If Microsoft’s Xbox One wants to win the console war, right now, its very simple. Lower digital game prices $10-20. It’s that simple. Show us, as users, that all of your security issues to prevent piracy are so that developers can rest assured their is less pirating, which should increase profits. As a result you should be able to lower the cost of digital games as the PC has done. So do it and do it now. Additionally when users are not buying the disk, case, etc they lower your costs anyway. So if you want to get your rep back fast, make the announcement that digital games are going to be lower.

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  1. It’s not as easy as that. What do you think the Retailers will say when digital prices undercut them by that margin?. Why do you think Steam prices for new releases are the same as retail?.

    basically the retailers dictate pricing for digital. Don’t price it at similar prices to us.. Don’t have your games on our shelves.

    • You bring up a good point. I wonder if they could justify a $10 a difference because people would not be getting physical disk/case. It seemed as if people really wanted that physical disk. But you are right, retailers may cause the prices to stay the same.

  2. They can’t do it now man. They have to first see an effect of this, so I don’t expect price drops until at least three months into the cycle. At the very least.

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