My youtube videos: Google Analytic Stats

I was checking out the google analytics of my youtube videos that I have created for my students (tutorials) and thought the stats were really interesting. So I am going to post them here.

So far my videos have had a total of 180,586 views

Users have spent 224,904 minutes watching them (thats 3,748.4 hours or 156.18 days)

My most viewed video is how to add sound in Flash CS5. It has 33,404 views, has been watched for 25,326 minutes, and has 79 likes

65% of my viewers are male

Most users are 35-54 yrs age and from the US

Anyway, there are some more stats but those were the most interesting.

Android 4.2.2 out now!

Looks like the latest Android update is hitting Nexus based phones today! I got mine this morning. For those android users without nexus phones – sorry, thats what you get for buying phones with bloatware:)

Here is what the update does:

  • Fixed Bluetooth audio streaming bugs
  • Long-pressing the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons in Quick Settings now toggles the on/off state
  • New download notifications, which now shows the percentage and estimated time remaining for active app downloads
  • New sounds for wireless charging and low battery
  • New Gallery app animation allows faster loading
  • USB debug whitelist
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements

Read about all the updates here:

Doodle 4 Google Kids Contest

“Doodle 4 Google is an annual program that invites K-12 students in the United States to use their artistic talents to think big and redesign our homepage logo for millions to see.

This year, we ask students to exercise their creative imaginations around the theme, “My Best Day Ever…” One talented student artist will see their artwork appear on the Google homepage, receive a $30,000 college scholarship, and a $50,000 technology grant for their school along with some other cool prizes!”

Link to contest

Google announces nexus 4, 7, and 10

The nexus 4 is a phone and 7 and 10 are tablets. I am going to talk about the nexus 4 because this is the device that both amazes and disappoints me.

First of all, here is the information on all 3 devices:

Now onto the nexus 4:

8mp camera
Quad core processor
2 GB Ram

So what disappoints me: NO 4G. I really wish this phone had 4G. And since this phone is HSPA I am not 100% sure it will run on verizon (rumor is that it will not work on verizon) but it will definitely with ATT.

Now why is this phone the best phone on the market right now: I can buy an unlocked version for $299. Thats right, under no contract with a carrier I can buy this phone outright for $299.

Now for those that do not know what this means let me share with you….When you normally get a phone under contract through verizon/att you pay $299 for a phone that normally costs $650. So you actually pay for that difference in your contract, meaning that your plan is higher than what it really should be so that you pay back that difference in the 2 year contract you sign. So technically when you buy a phone outright, your monthly plan should be significantly cheaper. But its not, why? Phone companies are making money off of you not knowing this information. Well the information is well known just not by the general consumer so no one complains. So if we start buying phones off contract then companies will have no choice but to get rid of their ridiculous monthly fees that we are currently paying.

Google Chromebook: $250 laptop

Google has created the $250 laptop. Why do I see these as important? Well when a school is choosing whether to buy tablets (iPad) for $400 vs a laptop which has more functionality for $250, they are going to be getting full computers.

Features of this computer:

    • 11.6” display
    • 0.8 inches thin and 2.5 lbs
    • Over 6.5 hours of battery
    • Boots up in less than 10 seconds
    • Dual band Wi-Fi
    • Samsung Exynos 5 Dual Processor (meaning processor was built for tablets not a computer)
    • 100 GB Google Drive Cloud Storage (free for 2 years) with Solid State Drive (16 GB built in)
    • Built-in dual band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
    • VGA Camera
    • 1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0
    • HDMI Port
    • Bluetooth 3.0™ Compatible
    • 2 GB Ram

Link to website with more info on the computer

Facebook CEO: ‘Betting on HTML5 our biggest mistake’ and future of HTML5

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg went on record yesterday discussing their recent move to a native app in Apple’s iOS. The facebook app had been developed in HTML5. Now I am not quite sure why a company with the resources that facebook does would have even considered an HTML5 app vs a native as native is definitely better, however, they did. But why was it a mistake? Because Apple has chosen to not allow HTML5 apps to run as fast and smooth as native ones.

Article is here

So what is the future of HTML5? Well at this point APPLE does not want to support HTML5 mobile apps. Why? They lose control and money. Sure they are supporting it in the browsers but they are not supporting it in apps. Why would HTML5 apps be good for developers? Because you could develop one app and publish it to all mobile devices. So for instance, Apple has purposely made apps running HTML5 run slower than they would as webpages in their browser, citing security and stability concerns. While it might be valid it a very suspicious as Apple has been trying to tell people to use HTML5 instead of Flash for similar reasons.

Here is an article about Apple stopping HTML5 dead in its tracks on iOS (not the browser). And this has not changed with iOS5.

Here is another article about why apps should go to HTML5 but they are not being supported:

Why apps should but are NOT going cross platform with HTML5

How Google glasses might impact education

Nice article by that I suggest you take a look at. Here are the main points (please see article here for explanations):

– Immersive educational experiences will be possible
– Educational apps will get whole new ways to be implemented
– Disruptive technology may actually get more disruptive
– Memorization will take a backseat to problem solving and complex thinking
– Traditional textbooks may be replaced
– Classes can take place anywhere
– Field trips will take on a whole new dimension
– They can remove the language barrier

And the lawsuits continue…this time against Apple

Motorola (Well Google really as Google is parent company) is suing Apple for various patent infringements.

“Motorola is demanding a ban on the imports of the iPhone and iPad for alleged infringements of intellectual property used in Siri, E-Mail notifications, location reminders and music/video players.”


Personally, all of these lawsuits need to stop. Get rid of these patents because they are slowing down progress and innovation in the tech world.