Where does your site fall in Google search listings?

Wonder where your site falls when people search for terms or keywords related to your page? Well there are a few ways to find out.

1. You can search yourself – however do NOT do this. Google knows you have been to this page and may even put it on the first page, making you believe your page is coming up. This is not accurate however. The search engine is smart and tries to put pages that you visit higher in your personal rankings but this is NOT what others will see.

2. Hire a company or have a friend check – Again, there is an easier way but these are both acceptable.

3. Use a free page checker. There are tons of them. Here is a good one that I like: http://www.searchenginegenie.com/google-rank-checker.html

Instagram for Android is finally here

Instagram is finally here for Android users. For those that do not know what this app does: It give you the ability to make your photos look edited with the click of a button. It is a nice app and I do recommend it for both Apple and Android users.

Here is the link for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.instagram.android

For Apple IOS users: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/instagram/id389801252?mt=8

Two Tech Rumors

Both from Phandroid….

1. Amazon releasing two Kindle this year which will replace their current one. First one will be an upgrade of the 7 inch model available now and the other will be an 8.9 inch model.

More info here

2. Google Drive will be coming out this april. Google drive is just like dropbox and box. Rumor is that google will offer 1gb of free space, which in my opinion is not very good as dropbox offers 2GB and Box gave me 50GB for free.

More info here

What apps do I have on my droid?

Since my sister just got a new droid (galaxy nexus), I figured I would make a post so that she knew what apps I had and thought were most useful:

Google Apps – these are preinstalled but I did keep them.
Google Translate – translates foreign languages
Facebook – does anyone not have this?
Power Widget – to turn off power and save battery
cardioTrainer – to track my running, walking, biking
The weather channel
Radar now – show my current weather radar
box – free place to store files
dropbox – another free place to store files
Docs – google docs
OfficePro – allows me to open MS word, PPT files.
Pandora Radio
Tech news apps – mashable and engadget
Games – minecraft, fruit ninja, and angry birds
amazon app store – they give away a free app everyday!
Wheres my droid? – help me locate my app if missing
voice recorder – can record interviews and such
compass – a compass
convertpad – converts things like cm to mm and such
barcode scanner – scan barcodes, qr codes, etc.
first aid – gives first aid advice when needed
airdroid – connect my droid to my computer wirelessly. So I can upload songs, pics, etc to and from computer with this
teslaLED – using cam flash as flashlight
math formulas – solve math formulas if i have them
picplz – like instagram although instagram is coming to droid very soon.

Lost your phone? Here is how to ensure you can find it

Have you ever lost your cell phone or has it ever been stolen? Well there are some great free apps for both Android and IOS phones that allow you to locate your phone via gps, lock the phone so no one can use it, and even wipe all the data if need be. Here are the apps, I suggest you download one of them and try it out, it is very cool to see how they function:


Where’s my droid



Find iPhone

Android App for this blog

Finally getting around to developing an app for this blog. Currently its still in development, I need to work on some formatting. However, I think its ready to download and use. Works only on Android based phones. Scan the following QR code in order to install on your phone:



Google changing the way you search: Semantic searching coming soon…

Google will be changing the way you search soon. Instead of just searching for a term and coming up list of that term, Google’s new algorithm will look at more than just keywords as it does now. It will look at relationships. Thus it should become a better engine, helping us find what we are really looking for. For those that do not know, semantic searching has been discussed for a number of years but has yet to really be done well so we will see how Google handles it.

Here are a few articles on the topic:



wall street journal

Android and Malware?

While I havent had any problems, apparently others are. The best way to avoid problems with apps on Android and even Apple? Do research on the app before download. See what the user comments are. You dont need to do more than a few minutes of research to find if the app is bad or not but it can save you. That alone should prevent pretty much every type of app problem.

Here is an article that discusses the issue

Want to know what the best malware app are: